Clifftop Garden

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This garden perched above the Great

Ocean Road overlooking the ocean on

Victoria,s southern coast line,

gets battered by the prevailing

winds, so posed a few challenges

for us especially as the owners

though wanting a Sea Echo garden

also wanted to include a few of

their favourite plants.

The southern edge of the block had

an existing group of our local

plants , Melaleuca lanceolate ,

Allocasuarina verticillata and

Myoporum insulare which offered

some protection from the winds so

that was a good starting point for

us to build from.

Using low sandstone walls from the

local quarry and crushed granites

as the surface along  with our

beautiful hand cut granite steps we

climb the steep block through a

series of terraces all of which are

protected by the planting of

Metrosideros, Olives, Portugese

Laurels, Rhapheolepsis ,

Arthropodium and a mix of

 Leucodendron, Proteas, Banksias

 and Correas.

Along the roadside we have planted

local Banksias, Correa , Melaleuca

and Rhagodia to merge into the

surrounding landscape.

In the sheltered nooks we have

created within this clifftop garden

we have placed some low shallow

stone water bowls under overhanging

branches .

The end result is beautiful garden

that takes full advantage of the

spectacular location while managing

to offer quite protected flat areas

nestled into the hillside.